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Notice February 2, 2014. In order to have a more permanent and stable source of direct downloads, the collected Tales of Gnosis College are now being made available as whole-volume editions at the Internet Archive. These are uploaded as high-resolution PDF files and are available as PDFs and in a variety of other formats automatically converted by the Archive, including a variety of e-reader formats and also in an online reader. They can be downloaded either directly or via torrents. The volumes currently in publication are the following:

Volume I: The Apsinthion ProtocoL

Volume II: Study Abroad

Volume III: Progress in Research

Volume IV: Invisible Girl, Heroine

Volume V: Gnosis Dreamscapes

Volume VI: Where Am I?

You can also follow the current version of the Tales of Gnosis College and access all past chapters online at the index page at

As of today, this download resources is discontinued. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with me.